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City of Danville Public Works Committee met August 13

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Oct 18, 2019

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City of Danville Public Works Committee met Aug. 13.

Here is the minutes provided by the committee:


Chairman Mike Puhr called the meeting of the Public Works Committee to order at 6:01 p.m. at the Robert E. Jones Municipal Building, 17 W. Main St., Danville, Illinois.

Roll Call was answered by Chairman Mike Puhr, Vice Chairman Rick Strebing, Aldermen Bob Iverson, Mike O'Kane, Sherry Pickering, and Aaron Troglia with one Vacancy in Ward 1. A quorum was present.

Others in attendance included Mayor Rickey Williams, Jr., Alderman Tom Stone, City Clerk Lisa Monson, City Comptroller Shelley Scott, Public Transportation Director Lisa Beith, Public Works Director Carl Carpenter, Interim Police Chief Chris Yates, 6 audience members, and 2 news media.


Chairman Puhr presented Minutes of the regular meeting of July 9, 2019. Vice Chairman Strebing moved for approval as presented, seconded by Alderman Iverson. On the voice vote, all ayes, no nays; the motion so ordered.


Chairman Puhr presented the agenda. There being no changes, Alderman Pickering moved for approval as presented, seconded by Alderman O'Kane. On the voice vote, all ayes, no nays; the motion so ordered.


Julie Carlson and Robert Szymanski of Danville, representing Concerned Citizens of Danville, spoke concern of communication between the public and city staff regarding public safety and Crime Stoppers as citizens want to work with the Police Division to curb violence in the community.



Chairman Puhr presented Payroll for August 9, 2019 of $73,573.34. Alderman Pickering moved to dispense with the readings and asked for approval, seconded by Vice Chairman Strebing. There being no questions, the roll call vote being: 

Ayes: Aldermen Strebing, Iverson, O'Kane, Pickering, Troglia, Puhr 

Nays: None 

Motion carried 6 to 0 with 1 vacancy.


Chairman Puhr presented the Schedule of Vouchers Payable for August 13, 2019, of $484,628.45. Vice Chairman Strebing moved to dispense with the reading and asked for approval, seconded by Alderman Pickering. After all questions were addressed, the roll call vote being: 

Ayes: Aldermen Iverson, O'Kane, Pickering, Troglia, Strebing, Puhr 

Nays: None 

Motion carried 6 to 0 with 1 vacancy.

#8 PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION - Lisa Beith, Director 

#8-A) Items of Information 

#8-A-1) Director Beith presented the Monthly Recap for July 2019, which included Ridership Reports, Monthly Revenue Record, and Ridership History. The July fixed route ridership totaled 52,617. The June total ADA ridership was 618 rides, with the July ADA ridership report to be given next month.

The total revenue for the month of July was $29,036.35.

#8-A) Other Items of Information

Greyhound Bus Service has tentatively scheduled a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the transfer facility on Thursday, September 12th with the time yet to be determined.

The two new buses are in full service.

#9 PUBLIC WORKS - Carl Carpenter, Director 

#9-A) Chairman Puhr presented a resolution approving Purchase of Automated Refuse Truck from Rantoul Truck Center, LLC is for the purchase of a 2020 New Way refuse truck in the amount of $274,520.65 including delivery through the National Joint Powers Alliance, Contract No. 112014-NWY and authorize the trade, sale or scrap-salvage of the 2009 IH, Heil Automated Refuse Truck VIN 1HTWGAZT19J082310 with the funds for the purchase top come from the Solid Waste Fund Line Item #405-405-00-55016 Other Capital Equipment FY 2019-2020 budget. Vice Chairman Strebing moved to dispense with the reading and asked for approval, seconded by Alderman Pickering. Director Carpenter stated the truck is identical to the truck purchased last year. To address Alderman O'Kane's question regarding the price difference from the truck purchased last year, Director Carpenter responded the truck is $11,000.00 higher due to the price increase in steel. Alderman Troglia asked how many automated refuse trucks are in the City fleet and Director Carpenter responded there are four operating trucks and the one the City was going to trade in last year was not traded in. The engine was overhauled and the truck is currently used as a backup, but is authorized to be traded off or sold whenever possible. Chairman Puhr reminded the Committee the City is way over the scheduled replacement cycle and Director Carpenter stated the City is on year 12 for the trucks and eight to ten years is normal for the life of a garbage truck. After all questions were addressed, the roll call vote being: 

Ayes: Aldermen O'Kane, Pickering, Troglia, Strebing, Iverson, Puhr 

Nays: None 

Motion carried 6 to 0 with 1 vacancy.

#9-B) Chairman Puhr presented a resolution approving Agreement to Donohue and Associates for Engineering Services for Poland Road Pump Station Rehabilitation in the amount of $21,800.00, with funds to come from the Sanitary Sewer Enterprise Fund-Engineering Services budget line item 402 402-52022 and Budget Amendment from Sanitary Sewer Fund reserves in the amount of $22,000.00 to fund 402-402-52022. Vice Chairman Strebing moved to dispense with the reading and asked for approval, seconded by Alderman Pickering. Director Carpenter explained the Poland Road pump station is the highest flowing pump station and is in bad shape. The resolution is allowing the City to get the work done which includes the engineering for preliminaries. The agreement includes a retaining wall that will go around the lift station to beautify it and hide the pump station and will be designed to have Danville, IL lettering on the front of it. The replacement pump will have more capacity, but not quite as large as the pump station at Eastgate. After all questions were addressed, the roll call vote being: 

Ayes: Aldermen Pickering, Troglia, Strebing, Iverson, O'Kane, Puhr 

Nays: None 

Motion carried 6 to 0 with 1 vacancy.

#9-C) Items of Information #9-C-1) Danville Area Transportation Study (DATS) Update Director Carpenter reported the DATS Committee has started helping Catlin on their rail overpass study. #9-C-2) H&L Landfill Update Director Carpenter reported Eric Childers and himself have been emailing with both the law firm representing the City and the Solid Waste consultant that is working on the closure of the H&L Landfill. The hold-up is still the State EPA as they have not responded. Hinshaw Culbertson, law firm, recommends the City continues to send reports to the IEPA so the onus becomes the State and IEPA so the City will continue to monitor it. The City is not running the filtration system. The landfill will be shut down as soon as the IEPA gives the final go. #9-C-3) Project Updates

Director Carpenter stated staff is working on the Sealcoat program which is scheduled to begin the first week of September.

The contract televising has found a couple of sizable cracks and breaks in a line north of the Woodlawn area in an alley and those will be addressed in the point repair and lining after the inspection is completed. 

Several aldermen have called in the last two weeks and we are going to execute the five warrants that we have as follows: two on Virginia Street, one on Moore Street, one on Cronkhite Street, and one on Cleveland Street which involves cleaning up the debris and mowing around the properties. The one on Cronkhite Street is an actual board up and the one on Moore Street is a partial board up. 

Director Carpenter reported the staff has four buildings in the Fair Oaks Housing Project demolition down to the ground with two of them completely loaded out and done. Those were the actual brick buildings and staff is now working on the four stick buildings. Two of the stick buildings were taken down together because they were back to back. The third building is almost completely loaded out. The staff hauled out 23 loads today. He reported staff is going to monitor the monetary amounts for the four buildings as the first two brick buildings came in a little higher than anticipated even with the concrete and brick being recycled. There were more to the inside walls than expected. 

The sewer department has started repairing catch basins. 

The constant humming sound heard in the City Hall air conditioning should be fixed within the week. Steve Lane has gotten in touch with the Toshiba representative and found out it should be under full warranty.. 

Bill Wear, lead worker in the Street Division, is retiring after 40 years of service. His last working day is September 17, 2019. Interviews have been completed for a new lead worker and the individual's name is Matt Woelber. Matt has been with the City for six or seven years having started with the City as an auxiliary worker. 

Director Carpenter shared a compliment he received from the representative who helps the VA patients that have been going to the municipal pool this summer. The City has a gentleman who cleans the pool and went out of his way to help the patients and the representative thought that was above and beyond and appreciates the service received from all of the pool staff. Mayor Williams also received a compliment from a couple that used to go to the pool at Turtle Run before it closed and now swim at the municipal pool and enjoyed the facilities at Garfield more than they did at Turtle Run so he was proud of the service the pool staff provided. 

Alderman Troglia asked if the City receives reimbursement from the City of Danville Housing Authority for the building demolitions and Director Carpenter responded the City contracted with the Housing Authority for $110,000.00 total to demolish all six buildings.

#10 CLOSED SESSION was not needed.


Vice Chairman Strebing announced there will be fireworks and a salute to veterans with a flyover and 21 gun salute at the Gao Grotto on Saturday, August 17th beginning at 4:00 p.m. There will also be food and rides for the kids. 

Alderman O'Kane reported there have been energy solicitors in the City without solicitation licenses and reminded citizens to ask the solicitor if they are registered with the City and advised against giving out an Ameren account number.


Vice Chairman Strebing warned everyone that phone scams are happening again.


There being no further items on the agenda, the meeting was adjourned at 6:35 p.m. by acclamation after a motion by Vice Chairman Strebing and a second by Alderman Pickering.

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