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  • “The culture of abuse and harassment in Springfield is unacceptable,” Caulkins said in a press release. Other individuals with close ties to Madigan who are facing similar allegations include Rep.S.”

  • State Rep.-elect Dan Caulkins, a Republican who will represent the 101st District, is dismayed by Gov. Bruce Rauner's latest revelations. I can tell you these comments won’t help the cause

  • Given all the dysfunction in Springfield, Republican House candidate Dan Caulkins said the only thing he finds surprising about the report is that the numbers aren’t higher

  • State Rep. Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur) frets over the message he thinks Gov. J.B. Pritzker sent by making spending more money his first order of business in Springfield. “It absolutely boggles the mind

  • Dan Caulkins sees the recent ban on assault weapons instituted in Deerfield as a direct indictment of the Democratic Party. “By that, I mean all of them

  • Dan Caulkins wants voters to understand and embrace the full power of their authority. “This election season will be no different; in the end, that’s what it will come down to

  • Dan Caulkins says the Democratic Victory Fund’s recent decision to contribute $55,400 to the campaign fund of Sen. Ira Silverstein (D-Chicago) should be seen as a slap in the face to women everywhere

  • Dan Caulkins argues the state of Illinois has to be willing to accept its grim reality before it can move forward in changing the landscape. 48 of 50 states, ahead of only New York and California. 27

  • Newly elected state Rep. Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur) says that re-installing House Speaker Mike Madigan sends all the wrong signals. “We need to come with a way to spend less than we take in

  • State Rep.-elect Dan Caulkins thinks it is a good thing that voters in Illinois are growing mad as hell with what he calls the corruption and bad policy that have crippled their state

  • Dan Caulkins feels Illinois Lottery Control Board Chairman Blair Garber violated an unspoken oath assumed by all public servants when he blasted East St.Several local lawmakers, including Rep.S

  • Dan Caulkins is wearing his heart on his sleeve in the final days of his campaign to replace retiring Rep. Bill Mitchell (R-Forsyth) in the 101st District

  • The Illinois Health Care Association PAC has thrown its support behind former Decatur City Council member Dan Caulkins in his run to replace retiring Rep.S. Army

  • Dan Caulkins argues the sexual abuse scandal now plaguing the Chicago Public School (CPS) system proves what everyone already knows. It’s patronage at its worse. “There has to be accountability

  • Newly minted state Rep.“I don’t think a minimum wage is a good idea, period, especially this current push for $15 an hour,” Caulkins told the Chambana Sun.”With Gov. J.B

  • Dan Caulkins, running to replace retiring Rep.“People are being hurt by these tax-and-spend policies,” Caulkins, a Decatur Republican, told the Macon Reporter

  • Dan Caulkins, who is running to replace retiring Rep. Bill Mitchell (R-Forsyth) in the 101st District, can't think of a time when the thought of just average has been so appealing.5 billion in assets

  • Republican state House candidate Dan Caulkins argues that the newly enacted 2019 state budget is in no way the balanced piece of legislation that it is being sold to taxpayers as.”

  • As a longtime Republican, Dan Caulkins admits he’s gotten to the point where he finds what Democrats have to say is what interests him the most.The Chicago Tribune reports gubernatorial candidate J.B

  • Dan Caulkins knows the fight he has vowed to wage won’t be an easy battle. “Rescuing Illinois from this financial abyss is going to a be very daunting task